MFF Reader Poll Results: The Top 21 Horror Films of the 21st Century!

Huh, grauslige Liste.

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Hello all. Mark here.

The results are in and they cover pretty much every aspect of the „horror“ genre. We received over 3,500 votes and appreciate everyone who stopped by to vote (Big thanks to the AV Club for sharing!). The 21st century post was a lot of fun to write and I’ve enjoyed the discussions, podcasting  and complaints that The Shining wasn’t on the list. I originally was only going to write about the top 10 but when I looked through the list I had to cover the top 21. What I like about the 21 films is they cover every aspect of horror. It is an eclectic mix that features French transcendent torture, demon goats, ivory business cards, death via Merman and quite possibly the scariest child killer ever (the only competition is the Troll from Ernest Scared Stupid. He wrecked my youth).

Monster Pans Labyrinth

Peekaboo, I…

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