On Writing: Inspiration

Der begabte Laird Barron schreibt über einen Aha-Moment und darüber, was (Be)schreiben sein soll: „The chief purpose of descriptive prose is to illuminate and to progress.“ Ich stimme ihm zu.

Here’s a brief essay I wrote for Biggest Aha Moments in Writing. It’s a great series.

The Illusion

Probably the most powerful epiphany I’ve experienced in learning to write has to do with the art of observed detail: what level of description is necessary to paint the picture.

Roger Zelazny was my first great literary inspiration. As a kid, I chewed through Nine Princes in Amber, This Immortal, Lord of Light, The Changing Land, and many others with the fervent obsession. Zelazny was as much a poet as anything else. His language was evocative, and musical in a manner that remains unique to the canon. The landscapes he described, especially those found in The Changing Land and certain shadow realms of the Amber chronicles, were ornate and richly detailed to the threshold of sensory overload.

Yet, many years later upon poring through passages that had stuck in my…

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